Twelve fastest goals in FIFA Football World Cup history

Twelve fastest goals in FIFA Football World Cup history

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Football is the most liked game in the world and FIFA Football World Cup is the most entertaining event in the world too. People do remember extra ordinary performances happened in the world cup.

There have been various extra ordinary performances that happened in the FIFA Football World Cup matches and people of the world still remember. Nobody forgets the ‘hand of god’ goal of Maradona! Like that, people still remember the goals which were scored fast in the world cup history! All those goals were scored within 1 minute or 60 seconds of play! And so far 12 goals have been scored within 60 seconds! Could you believe that? Well, let us have a quick look at the amazing and fastest goals that were scored in FIFA Football world cup:

1. Hakan Sukur (11 seconds): Turkey were playing their first ever world cup football in the 2002 edition of the world cup football that took place in South Korea. Host South Korea and Turkey were playing for the third place play-off. In the match, Hakan Sukur scored the first goal of the match just in 11 seconds of play. The host nation was beaten by 3-2 by the visiting nation. The goal of Hakan Sukur is still a world record and still remained unbroken. His name is still remained in Guinness Book of World Records.

2. Vaclav Masek (16 seconds): Untill Hakan Sukur scored the fastest goal, the record of being the fastest goal scorer was hold by Vaclav Masek of Czekoslovakia. He scored the goal in 16 seconds of the play against Mexico in a group stage match in FIFA World Cup 1962 in Chile. However, Mexico came back strongly and defeated Czekoslovakia by 3-1. Vaclav Masek held the record for 40 years untill it was broken by Hakan Sukur.

3. Ernst Lehner (25 seconds): Ernst Lehner of Germany was also the fastest goal scorer in FIFA World Cup. He scored against Austria in 25 seconds of play at the 1934 FIFA Football World Cup 1934 third place play-off. He scored another goal in the 40th minute of the play. Germany won the match by 3-2 goals.

4. Bryan Robson (27 seconds): The goal of Bryan Robson in 1982 FIFA World Cup is still remembered. He scored the fastest goal in a world cup group stage match against France in 27 seconds of the play. He scored 2 goals in the match and England eventually won the match by 3-1. Soler scored the lone goal for France in the 24th minute of the play.

5. Clint Dempsey (29 seconds): If you watched the last edition of the FIFA World Cup 2014 group stage match between the USA and Ghana, you might have noticed who is the man referred to here. Yes! Clint Dempsey of the USA became one of the fastest goal scorers in the history of FIFA World Cup ever! He scored the goal in 29 seconds of the play against African champion Ghana.

6. Emile Veinante (35 seconds): The FIFA World Cup 1938 saw two fastest goals! First one was scored by Emile Veinante of France against Belgium 1938 in group stage match. France beat Belgium by 3-1 goals in the match. Another fastest goal was scored by Arne Nyberg in 35 seconds of the play.

7. Arne Nyberg (35 seconds): Now, this was another fastest goal scored in FIFA World Cup 1938. Arne Nyberg of Sweden scored the goal in the semi final match against against Hungary in 25 seconds of start of the play. This goal was scored after Emile Veinante of France’s 35 seconds goal against Belgium. The match however was won by Hungary by 5 goals to 1 goal of Sweden.

8. Bernard Lacombe (30 seconds): Two power houses of football i.e. France and Italy collided in the first group stage match. It was the opening match of the FIFA world cup of 1978 edition. Bernard Lacombe of France scored the opening goal of the match in just 30 seconds of the first half. However, P Rossi of Italy equalised the score line in the 29th minute and Zaccarelli added another goal in favour of Italy. Eventually Italy beat France by 2-1.

9. Florian Albert (50 seconds): The goal of Florian Albert of Hungary was one of the fastest goals. Alber, the Ballon d’Or winner in 1967, scored the goal against Bulgaria in 50 seconds at the FIFA World Cup Football 1962 in group stage match. He went on to score 2 more goals in the 6th and 54th minutes of the play. Hungary beat Bulgaria by 6-1. This match also saw one of the highest margins of goal difference in the world cup.

10. Adalbert Desu (50 seconds): The FIFA Football World Cup 1930 was the beginning of the biggest football event. In a group stage match between Romania and Peru, Adalbert Desu scored the first ever fastest goal in the history of the FIFA Football World Cup within 1 minute i.e. in 50 seconds. The record remained unbroken for 38 years. Romania won the match over Peru by 3-1.

11. Celso Ayala (53 seconds): The goal of Paraguayan defender Celso Ayala was also one of the fastest goals in football world cup. He scored the goal in 53 seconds. Paraguay beat Nigeria by 3-1.

12. Park Seung-jin (59 seconds): Perhaps one of the best ever performances of North Korea in FIFA Football World Cup was that of the 1966 edition. In that edition, North Korea created surprise by beating the giant Italy. Not only that North Korea also scored one of the fastest goals in the history of the cup. Park Seung-Jin of North Korea scored a beautiful goal in 59 seconds of the quarter final match against one of the favourites of the edition Portugal. Not only that, North Korea added 2 more goals to make the score 3-0 and took everyone by surprise. It looked as if the Korean team was going to win. However, Eusebio overturned the fate of the Koreans. He scored four goals in 27th, 42nd, 57th and 59th minutes of the play. Another goal from Jose Augusto helped Portugal beat North Korea by 5-3.

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