Singhajit Sandham’s acrobatics team has been entertaining people with more than 1000 shows

Singhajit Sandham’s acrobatics team has been entertaining people with more than 1000 shows

“I was a student of Huidrom Premkumar, a thang ta instructor. We were thang ta players and we had 5 martial artists. We did not know what is acrobatics. We used to show thang ta shows. Once we were contacted to show our thang ta shows in a circus programme and there we saw some acrobatics show performed by the Africans. The shows attracted us a lot. The shows were very beautiful and since we were also very fond doing stunts we talked with them and learned some skills from them. Then we practised ourselves and took around 1-2 years to be in this form of today. Then we learnt from others through Youtube videos. Now we are a team of 12 members – 6 male and 6 female. The team is led by Nabachandra” narrated the young martial artist Singhajit Sandham.

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The former thang ta player and now an acrobat first learnt Tha g Ta from his elder brother Sandham Ibomcha and then master Huidrom Premkumar from Yumnam Huidrom. He participated in thanga ta competitions and won 3 gold medals at national levels.

“I personally came into thang ta shows since September 2009 and in this acrobatic since 2010. Earlier, we were just a team of 5 members. Then we invited our female colleagues who also were thang ta players. Since we showed our martial arts skills in all the states of India. Every month, we show our shows in all the states of India and in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Our colleagues have also performed in Singapore. We generally perform 3 times in a day. Our team might have shown more than 1000 times. There are many others like us who performed in circus shows, big hotels, festival shows, cultural shows, etc” said Sinhgajit.

He added “performing in these shows is very risky. Accidents do happen in this field. One can not easily become a part of the show. But if he or she wants to join, we impart training and one should have the courage to join this kind of profession. We entertained people with gymnastics, sword dances, stick dances and putting long swords in mouth, etc. All these require a unique interest. As we are young, we will try to perform as much as we can. We will also teach youngsters who want to perform like us”.

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