Ngangbam Shantikumar Meetei inducted into INBA PNBA Natural Bodybuilding Hall of Fame

Ngangbam Shantikumar Meetei inducted into INBA PNBA Natural Bodybuilding Hall of Fame

Image: Dr. Ngangbam Shantikumar Metei

Dr. Ngangbam Shantikumar Meetei who has achieved many titles in natural bodybuilding has been inducted into INBA PNBA Natural Bodybuilding Hall of Fame. Mr Natural Olympia Shantikumar expressed his happiness to receive the highest award of Natural Bodybuilding in such a short period of time. The professor was chosen as one of the inductees to receive the award during the upcoming XX Natural Olympia 2017, Las Vegas, the USA.

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In a Facebook post, Mr. Natural Olympia Shantikumar expressed, “I am simply overwhelmed and really don’t know how to express my feeling, excitement except saying a very, very big ‘Thank you so very much’ to dear Mr. World President, Denny Kakos, Madam Diana, Hall of Fame Committee Members, all the INBA PNBA World leaders, Officials, Judges, Staffs, INBA PNBA GLOBAL FAMILY Members, and all my family members, Facebook and Social media friends who have always been by my side to encourage, to support and push forward”.

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The 16 Mr. Taiwan winner from Manipur shared his success with the people of Manipur and Taiwan. Mr Shantikumar who won Mr Asia title in 1999 wrote, “My heartiest and deepest appreciation and thanks to my own family members, people from Manipur and also from Taiwan who gave me so much by supporting, motivating and pushing me endlessly. The credit of this award and honor go to you all. Thank you so very much”.

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Inba Pnba Denny Kakos earlier made the announcement of the inductees on social media Facebook. The inductees were: Marco Addis (Italy ), Bryce Cleary (Australia), Mike Neumann (USA), Teneka Hyndman (New Zealand), Viliam Rigo (Slovakia) and Shantikumar Meetei Ngangbam (Manipur/Taiwan).

The official induction ceremony will take place at the Natural Olympia XX in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Athletes Brunch and Awards on Sunday, November 12, 2017.

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