Manipur crowned overall champion in 8th National Vovinam Championships 2017, 8 times in a row

Manipur crowned overall champion in 8th National Vovinam Championships 2017, 8 times in a row

Defending champion Manipur vovinam team maintained its undefeated record of overall championship title for 8 times in a row. The star-studded Manipur team crowned overall champion at the 8th National Vovinam Championships 2017 which was held at Aurangabad, Maharastra. In the championship which was held from 5th to 9th May and organized by the Vovinam State Association of Maharastra, Manipur amassed 38 gold, 9 silver and 7 bronze medals for a total of 54 medals.

Manipur showed its exceptional performances both in fight and form events. The medalists in the fight events are:

In sub junior boys, Ananhuk (28kg), L Dicky (32kg), S Brison (45kg), L Sanathoi (50kg) and N Roshn (+50kg) won gold medals while H Super won silver medal in 40kg category.
In sub junior girls, Kh Sinthoi (36kg), Th Saniya (40kg), N Eli (46kg) and L Zeneva (+46kg) won gold medals.

In junior boys, Nashimudil (38kg), MM Ajmir (42kg), L Johny (60kg) and Palinder (66kg) won gold medals while W Bimal (73kg) won silver medal.

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In junior girls categories, S Bheigyabati (40kg), Ng Ranjita (44kg), S Neha (56kg), S Lanchenbi (62kg) and S Selly (+62kg) won gold medals. Kh Roshina (52kg) won silver while Ch Rozia (46kg) bagged bronze medal.

In senior boys, L Ajit (50kg), K Raju (55kg), Y Lanchangba (66kg) won gold medals while M Tomba (60kg), P Sadajit (70kg) and Y Amar (76kg) won silver medals.
In senior girls category, all the fighters S Pakpi (44kg), L Pushpa (48kg), H Omita (52kg) and H Henna (56kg) won gold medals.

On the other hand, in the form and events, Manipur won 12 medals in total. The medalists are:

In junior forms and events, A Thoithoi, Robi Zabith, Ningthoujam and W Bebek won gold medal in Da Luyen Jay Khong; Th Robert, Th Nasesh, S Joychandra and Y Robi won gold medal in single male against three males fight – Daluyen Vi Khinam; S Neha Chanu and S Lanchenbi won silver medal in Luyen Kiem; W Bebek won bronze medal in Thap Tha Quyen; M Rohit won bronze medal in Ngu Mon Quyen; Ch Rozia won bronze medal in Long Ho Quyen; Ng ranjita and Th Naresh bagged bronze medal in self defence.

In the sub junior categories of the events, Kh Dabur won gold medal in Thap Tha Quyen; S Purnima and  Rohit won gold medal in self defence; L Zeneva, S Brison Kadar, Kh Dabar and K Prabi won gold medal in Daluyen Tay Khong; H Sandhiya won silver medal in Long Ho Quyen; Korounganba, L Santhoi, K Prabin, M Rohshan won silver medal in four males fight – Don Chan Tan Cong; M Rohit won bronze medal in Ngu Mon Quyen and Th Robert and A Thoithoi won bronze medal in Song Luyen Ma Tau.

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In senior forms and events, L Alex won 2 gold medals in Thap Tha Quyen and Ngu Mon Quyen. Gold medals also went to Kh Devan and W Arun in Song Luyenma Tau and  L Pushpa and Y Jiban in self defence. Y Jiban, Ch  Mahadeva, K  Raju and L Ajit won gold medal in Don Chan Tan Cong; H Omita and H Henna won gold medal in Song Luyen Kiem; Ch Mahadeva, Y Jiban, K Raju and Ajit won gold medal in Das Luyen Vi Khi Nam and L Pushpa, Y Amar, Y Lanchenba and M Tomba won gold medal in Da Luyen day Khong.

While Manipur won the overall champion title, host Maharastra and Uttar Pradesh won 2nd and 3rd positions respectively. Manipur team was led by Deven Moirangthem, M Narajit Singh and K Ibohal Sharma.

It may be mentioned that the players selected from this national championship will represent India at the 5th World Vovinam Championships which will be held from 1st to 5th August 2017 at Delhi, India.

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