Yaoshang Sports Festival 2017 begins in Manipur, clubs attracting the youth in sports

Yaoshang Sports Festival 2017 begins in Manipur, clubs attracting the youth in sports

Localities of different parts of Manipur celebrated Yaoshang Sports Festival 2017 with active participation by both youth and elders. Clubs of different parts of Imphal could be seen preparing for the opening ceremony of the festival.

Boys, girls and elders wearing their respective clubs’ shirts could be seen running on the roads. Some Manipuri international sports persons were also involved in torch relay.

Different clubs and organisations came to historical place Kangla Fort today early morning to collect sacred fire which was later taken to their respective localities and lit the flame to mark the opening of the Yaoshang Sport Festival. Clubs could be seen commencing their sports festival along with guests.

The Yaoshang Sports Festival is celebrated as a blend of sports events as well as entertaining events.
The Yaiskul Volunteers Organisation (YVO) also celebrated its 32nd Annual Youth Festival 2017 in relation to the ongoing Yaoshang Festival 2017. Football, race, cricket, long jump, coin picking race, triple leg race, pot race for women, musical chairs competition, blind hit for women, in and out, badminton, tug-of –war, javelin throw, statue race, fancy dress, banana tree climbing competition, etc are the main attraction of the festival.

The Patriotic Boys Club (PBC) also opened its 40th PBL Sports Meet 2017 at Wangkhei Meihoupham Lamphak, Imphal in order to encourage young generations.

The Oriental Club, Khongman Manjil also started celebrating the festival with its Golden Jubilee celebrations. It completed its 50 years of celebration. The club included almost all the sports and entertaining events.

The Youths’ Club Brahmapur, Imphal also opened its 51st Annual Yaoshang Sports Meet 2017. Some events of the meet are race, bag race, candle race, blind hit, shot put, etc. competition will be held.

The Brahmapur Social Club (BSC) also celebrated its 51st Annual Yaoshang Sports Meet 2017. Events of the meet were spoon race, ballon bursting, Sumo race, painting competition, women’s cricket, etc.

One of the oldest clubs which have been celebrating Yaoshang Sports is the Dharamalaya Social Welfare Centre, Brahmapur Nahabam, Imphal. The club has celebrated the festival with its Platinum Celebration. The club organized its 70th Annual Sports Festival 2017. Since the club did not have big ground, it focused on finding out talents of young children and other entertaining programmes. Events included in festival were dance, song, basketball, shot put, tug of war, race, arithmetic race, blind hitting, balloon bursting competitions, etc.

The oldest club to organize Yoashang Sports in Manipur – Socio Economic Athletic Cultural Organisation (SEACO), Yaiskul also started the festival with its 75th Annual Yaoshang Sports Meet 2017. “The club was formed way back, but the club started turning the festival into sports festival or meet in order to guide the future generations and to save our culture” informed by a club’s elder member. It was the far sighted view of pioneer Hijam Irabot that the present Yaoshang sports meets are being held at different parts of the state. His introduction of the sports meet to guide the future generations was widely spread to different localities of Manipur. The club included football, cricket, banana tree climbing, walking race, arithmetic race, blind searching, tug of war, blind hit, musical chair, pair race, candle relay race, mini marathon, balance race, intelligent test, slow cycle race, etc.

The most successful club which has been organizing in the most sporting way is the Citizens’ Club, Imphal. The club included both sports and cultural events in its 47th Annual Sports Festival 2017. Many of the indoor and outdoor games were included in the list of events. Sepak Takraw, football, kabadi, volleyball, race, marathon, cricket, table tennis, carom, chess, etc were included in sports events. Besides these, ex-tempore, singing, dance, march-past, fancy dress, painting competitions and entertaining programmes will be conducted in its three days’ sports festival. The competitions will take place among four panas – Marjing Pana, Wangbren Pana, Koubru Pana and Thangjing Pana. The biggest challenging event among the four panas will be in tug of war competition.

The concept of Yaoshang Sports came into existence in 1942 in Manipur as Hijam Irabot was of the view that Yaoshang or Holi festival was leading youths in the wrong ways. He along with elders and youth organized the first ever Yaoshang Sports Festival in 1942 at SEACO, Yaiskul.

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